Costs of Writing Expository Essays

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Costs of writing expository essay

Costs of Writing Expository Essays

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The Right Price To Pay

Whether it is an online game that you want to play for the rest of eternity or groceries for your home, you always want to go with a seller who can provide more for less. This is the consumer’s side that has been so since the advent of human consciousness, society, and commerce.

Paying for school assignments is also an old transaction that has been going on for decades. Granted it has been frowned upon, but students always need a way out of time-consuming homework. When it comes to the costs of writing expository essays, there is more than one right answer. We will find all of them in this post!

Expository Essay Writing – An Uphill Task

Before we move on to the cost of writing one, let us define what is expository essay writing and why it is considered an uphill task by students.

The expository essay is the type of essay where writers only provide factual information to the readers through facts and supporting evidence from credible sources. The language is unadorned and there is no room for emotions or sentiments. The purpose of writing an expository essay is to provide clear, actionable content to the readers so that everyone can reach the same conclusion by following the text. 

There are different types of expository essays, including but not limited to classification essays, cause and effect essays, and so on. 

Research or collection of the necessary information is at the heart of expository essay writing. Writers cannot conjure up facts, supporting proofs, and ideas out of thin air. That’s why they always need a way out in the form of an essay writing company that can do the heavy lifting on their behalf.

What Makes A Good Expository Essay

Since writing is subjective, even when it is objective, it is hard to devise a universal yardstick to examine the quality of expository essays. Even when this is possible, the different types of expository essays treat subject matters differently.

Still, there are some hallmarks and traits that are identified by the experts. If you want to determine whether an expository essay is good or not, look for the quality and quantity of these characteristics.

Neutral Approach

Argumentative essays are the opposite of expository essays in terms of approach toward the subject matter. They have charged language to appeal to the readers along with the evidential materials. Expository essays do not showcase the being or stance of the writer. They only state facts and provide empirical proof for the provided information. For instance, if a writer is going through different types of cars, he will not offer his advice or show his personal preference in the expository essay.

Objective Voice And Tone

If we recall the purpose of writing expository essays, is to provide actionable and factual information to the readers. That’s why the tone and voice of expository essays are always objective and balanced. There is no room for sensationalism or to prove a point by going out of the way of academic constraints. Compared to this, narrative and descriptive essays take liberties in the use of voice and tone to a great extent. Expository essays cannot afford such luxuries.

Organized Information

Every essay type follows a structure. It helps writers to check all the boxes and ensure that every piece of useful information is there. It also helps readers to go through the information and assimilate it easily. Where other essay types can take a detour from organized information to add the element of surprise and thrill, expository essays are bound to this norm. Again, it is all about the motive of expository writing where unadulterated information should reach the reader.

Overall Prose Quality

Even though you cannot use adorned language and tone in expository essays do not mean that there is no character or distinguishing quality to expository essays. The choice of words and syntax still matter to essay writing and expository essays take great advantage of these. It is because these are the handful of things they can vary while retaining the integrity of information intact. Students can work on this site to ensure their essays stand out from the crowd.

Average Cost of Expository Essay Writing

The average cost of expository essay writing can differ, depending on where you are looking on the internet. We have gone through the websites of some of the best services around the globe and came up with these findings.

For a page of an expository essay with around 275 words completed in ten days, it will cost you $12.95. If the complete essay is around five pages long, the total cost of expository essay writing will be $64.75. 

But it will take ten days, which most students do not have. So, if we move the needle up for the turnover time to five days, the same five-page expository essay will cost around $92.90. These are the average costs of expositor essays that are written by professional writers from scratch. They provide plagiarism reports and stand behind their commitments. If you want to buy the essay to ensure maximum scores, this is the best price you should pay!

Perks That Can Affect The Cost of Expository Essay

All service providers are not equal and some are different from others. In the above section, we provided the average cost from companies that are trusted by students across the globe. They have been in the business for decades and know their way around writing different types of essays, including expository essay writing services.

The pricing also differs when you take into account the things a company is bringing to the table. In this section, we will go through the variables that can affect the pricing of your finished essay greatly.

Professional Writers

When a company has generalist writers that are paid by the word, often it does not matter the quality of the words they produce. Since your precious scores are on the line, you want professional writers on your assignment that can be held accountable if something is not right in the essay. But getting writers with advanced literature and language degrees costs more, which is completely justified by the quality of the finished product.

Quick Turnover Time

In the average cost section, we have seen that by reducing the turnover time, the cost of essay writing services changed immensely. This is a fact that students must keep in mind. Time is also money and they cannot wait for seven or ten days to get the essay written. Instead, if they can pay some extra to get it in a couple of days, go for it as it will give them time for revisions and reviews.

Zero Plagiarism

Plagiarism is one of the realities of the academic world. Students try hard to produce original work for school assignments but still find a way to have copied content in it. But they are not alone in this as some rundown companies also charge students for poor-quality expository essays. Our average cost came from companies that provide reliable plagiarism reports along with the finished essay. They even provide a money-back guarantee if plagiarism is detected in the expository essays provided by them.

Length And Scope of Assignment

The needle for the price goes up as we add to the pages or the word count of the essay. The same is true for the scope of the assignment. If a topic is complex and requires a lot of research or gathering of facts and figures, the price will go up for the essay. This is understandable because if students have to pay more for this, they are getting more for this. That’s why this is a determinant of price.

Tips To Find The Best Expository Essay Writing Company

Now that we have gone through the average pricing and the determinants that can affect the cost of expository essay writing services, it is time to help students with some tips to find an exceptional essay writing company. This is necessary because many online sellers do not possess the resources for expository essay writing. They are in the business because of the lucrative revenue prospects and naive customer base. To stay away from these shady companies, here are some tips to keep in mind.
Online Reviews And Testimonials

Online reviews and testimonials are a great way to see what the real worth of the company is in the eyes of its customers. People do not shy away from sharing their experiences with companies, whether good or poor. This can help you tremendously in determining whether a company is right for you or not. PerfectEssay has amassed countless positive reviews and testimonials from clients that can provide you the peace of mind before getting on board.

Clear Estimates From Companies

Pricing is not a simple notion. Many variables can determine the real value of the proposition. That’s why students should never settle on face value but try to gauge what they are getting for the money. For instance, PerfectEssay has a transparent pricing mechanism right in the header of the website where students can get a real estimate for their orders. They can change the number of pages, delivery date, and so on to get to the ideal spot before placing their order.

Asking Questions From Representatives

Many companies do not have dedicated customer support teams to connect with students and understand their needs or resolve grievances. Before placing your order with a company, it is necessary to connect with the representative of the company to understand the deal. PerfectEssay has integrated multiple channels for students to connect with a representative for any issue. As for the new customers, they can get a special discount on their first order by connecting with the company’s representative.


Due to the demand and uncertain nature of the internet, there are many fake websites and companies online. They collect money from the students and provide substandard services. This makes it harder for customers to find real, valuable providers.

The following are the factors that can drive up the cost of essay writing:

  • Turnover time 
  • Level of expertise of the writers
  • Word count of the essay

Certain indicators can help students find the best company essay-writing company in Canada. The first thing is the customer reviews. Then, a look at the previous work and collaborators can tell a lot about whether a company is really what it claims to be. Then, there is a pricing mechanism and delivery channels that can make or break the deal for students.

The average length of an expository essay is somewhere around 1200 to 1500 words. It can fluctuate depending on the demands of the instructors. If there is no specific word count for your assignment, it should remain within this range.

An expository essay provides factual and actionable information to the readers. Through structure, it becomes easier for the readers to understand and follow that instruction. That’s why experts put a lot of emphasis on composing expository essays with clear structure.

No law indicates that hiring help for academic work is an offense. It is frowned upon in some circles but there is nothing wrong with asking for help from a person or an organization and then paying them for their time and expertise. You will be fine when you hire help in essay writing from a company.

Understanding the Costs of Expository Essay Writing

Expository essay writing is hard and often students do not have the right tools and training to excel in assignments revolving around extensive research and editing. That’s why it is natural for them to look for online services that can provide custom, plagiarism-free essays for school.

In this blog post, we have shared the average cost of expository essay writing along with the determinants that can drive up the cost of services. Before purchasing services from a company, it is necessary to understand the dynamics of pricing and the produce you will get in the end.

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