Costs of Writing An Argumentative Essay

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Costs of Writing An Argumentative Essay

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Essay writing is at the heart of academic learning and teaching. Whether you are a humanities student, a science scholar, or an aspiring engineer, you will have to write essays for your classes along your academic journey. That’s why it is safe to say that essay writing skill is a must-have for students.

There are many types of essays and some are easier to research and write than others. While narrative and descriptive essays are easier to conceive and write, argumentative and expository essays require a lot of research and editing before they become presentable in a class. Today, we will take a look at argumentative essays and see how much students need to pay to get a custom, world-class essay for assessment.

What Is An Argumentative Essay?

An argumentative essay is an essay type where a writer takes a stance about a problem or an issue. Instead of using emotionally charged language with a subjective tone and voice, these types of essays rely on evidential information and facts to convince or persuade the readers. That’s why they have a specific type of essay called a persuasive essay.

Argumentative essays depend on structured information and citations from credible sources to make a point and get readers to agree with the writer’s point of view. Logic and reasoning play an important role but it is limited in Toulmin and Rogerian arguments. There are different types of argumentative essays. Some of those are persuasive essays, analysis papers, research papers, and so on. 

Argumentative Essay Writing Service

Argumentative essay writing service comes into the picture when a student is unable to write his argumentative essay for any reason. So, instead of researching and writing the whole essay themselves, they can rely on a company to produce quality work based on their instructions and input.

PerfectEssay is a leading essay writing service operating out of Canada. The company has a team of highly skilled native writers with years of experience in writing exceptional essays for students across the globe, including the US, the UK, and Australia. If you want a professional essay writing service to compose excellent argumentative essays for you with guaranteed success, place your order now!

Why Hire Custom Argumentative Essay Writing Services

In this section, we will cover some of the reasons why students hire custom argumentative essay writing services. Keep in mind that students do not have to comply with any or all of them. If they are not up for the task, they can place an order. The price is nominal and compared to the quality and timeliness of the services, it is almost a steal.

Experienced Writers Ensure Better Scores

Professional writing companies employ writers with advanced degrees in literature and linguistics. They have ample experience in writing for schools and colleges across the world. When a student places an order with a company like this, he can be sure that the results will speak for themselves. Since the end goal of students is to ensure better grades than peers, this is the surefire way to materialize that dream.

Time Effective Services For Timely Submission

Students are often in a crunch to complete an assignment. It is either a weekend, a party, or simply the laziness to go through all the steps of writing a well-deserved argumentative essay that stops them from completing the assignment on time. In contrast, professional writing services can speed up the process by dividing tasks between different writers. You can ensure timely submission through professional services.

Superb Argument-Building Techniques

Professional writers have ample experience in argument building for the essay. As the saying goes, an argumentative essay depends on its principle argument and sub-claims for quality and acceptance. With a trained writer on their side, students can hope that they will get a well-rounded and flawless essay. For a subpar company, it is common to send out half-conceived essays with no real meaning behind the rhetoric and opening.

Complete Command Over Language & Expression

School and college students are in their formative phase when it comes to learning the nuances of language and expression. That is not the case with writers employed by the superb argumentative essay-writing company. These writers have exceptional command over language and argument-building techniques. When students receive an essay written by a professional, they can expect better grades than that of their peers in the end.

The Costs of Writing Argumentative Essays

The cost of argumentative essay writing is a tricky subject. Students often see it in the black and white lenses of product and price. In reality, it is more than that. They must look for value over mere price and cost. The value is the overall benefit behind a deal. For instance, if a company is charging $5 less but is not offering a money-back guarantee over quality and timeliness, then students are worse off with this type of deal. On the other hand, a company that offers many features for free and then charges a nominal fee for guaranteed success and original content is a deal for grabs. 

For the sake of counting the cost of argumentative essay writing, we have collected data from PerfectEssay.

According to this superb essay writing service, it will cost a student only $60.80 to have a custom argumentative essay within seven days. All they have to do is provide the necessary information to the company such as guidelines and other prescriptions by the instructors. The prices will vary if students change the number of pages or tinker with the delivery date, but the quality and guarantees will stand.

How Best Argumentative Essay Writing Services Write Essays

To understand the mechanics and dynamics of a thing, it is best to explore it further through the individual components of its structure. This is true for essay writing too as an essay is made up of different parts of sections. This section is dedicated to giving a sneak peek to the students on what is a 2000-word essay and how different sections support one another to produce a riveting piece of writing.
Picking The Right Topic

The first step of the process is choosing the right topic. This applies to students more than the writers employed by the company. Still, if they are provided with a topic, they need to turn it into a working title. This defines the scope and depth of the essay carving a perfect path for the process. When this is done, they can move on to the process of collecting relevant data from credible sources.

Collecting Necessary Information

Since argumentative essays are based on evidence-based facts and information, writers should scour through credible sources to collect necessary data. The best source of this is the publications by eminent authors and writers. In addition to this, they can rely on journals published periodically under the supervision of universities and college’s departmental heads.

Outlining The Whole Essay

Data collected through credible sources, writers need to outline the whole essay. This is the essence of professional writing because many students mistakenly believe it to be the death of creative writing. On the contrary, outlining ensures that there are no bottlenecks or writer’s block along the way since writers would know exactly what they need to write. When they master that move, it is only a matter of time before they finish the essay.

Writing The Essay

Writing the essay is the very act of putting thoughts and facts into the paper. This is where professional writers shine through. They have complete command over the language and expression, resulting in better sentence structure. Even, they have fewer errors and inconsistencies in the first drafts resulting in speedy proofreading and editing phase. Once they finish the writing part, they can rest a little to move on to the next phase.

Proofreading & Editing

Proofreading and editing are the ultimate part of writing. It is about looking at the text with a fresh perspective and making sure that there are no errors or mistakes when this phase is completed. Writers speed up this process by employing automated tools and software such as Hemingway Editor, Grammarly, and more. Many students skip through this step resulting in poor writing and subpar scores, but these writers are bound to provide quality.

Delivering Finished Order

Once the essay is written and edited, it is time to deliver the finished product to the customers. PerfectEssay takes pride in providing submission-ready essays and dissertations to the students before the deadline. The company also provides superbly written essays right to the inboxes of the customers so that they do not have to go through multiple steps and checks to download their essays.


The cost varies for an essay depending on the scope and depth of the topic. If we talk about averages, it is about $12 a page for 10 days. The price will also change with the change in delivery time and number of pages.

Here are the five requirements necessary to buy argumentative essay help:

  • Research
  • Reasoning
  • Evidence
  • Thesis Statement
  • Argument Building

Yes, you can. No law bars students in schools and colleges to buy an argumentative essay from a company. You can pay for the service and will be the ultimate owner of the essay.

Yes, you will be. Essay writing services have the policy to write argumentative essays for clients for a fee. When that fee is paid and the written piece is delivered, the recipients become the ultimate owners. They can change the text and submit it by their name for evaluation.

The three most important parts of an argument essay are as follows:

  • Introduction/ Opening
  • Main Body
  • Conclusion/ Closing

Students do not break a law when they pay a company for writing an essay. First of all, the services are discreet and make sure that everything is done in the back. Second, if they are caught paying a company for services, no law hinders them from doing so.

Summing Up The Conversation

Argumentative essay writing is a tough nut to crack. Students often find it hard to unearth relevant data and then fashion it into meaningful content. This is where argumentative essay writing services come to the fore. In this blog, we have covered the average costs of argumentative essay writing by the best companies in Canada. We have also shed ample light on the dynamics of how writers employed by these companies finish these essays on time.

So, if students can write argumentative essays on their own, they still run the risk of securing subpar marks. However, if they hire a company to do the writing for them, superb marks are ensured!

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