50+ Argumentative Essay Topics For Middle School

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Argumentative Essay Topics For Middle School

50+ Argumentative Essay Topics For Middle School

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Searching Argumentative Essay Topics

Argumentative essay writing is a tough task. It requires balancing different element of a specific type of writing in a way that the sum of the parts become more than the worth of each part combined. Argumentative essays seek to question a phenomenon through argumentation and then strengthen those arguments and postulates through evidence and proof.

The same thing becomes harder for students in middle schools because they do not have the skills and tools to write excellent argumentative essays. Many times, teachers provide the topic. Other times, students need to come up with one on their own. That’s why this blog post is dedicated to helping students find the right topic for their essays.

Importance of Choosing The Right Topic

If there is one thing that ensures definitive success in argumentative essay writing, it is the selection of the perfect topic. Everything else follows the suit and students should keep that in mind since there is no way around it. In this section, we will take a look at the benefits of choosing the right topic because they will illuminate the importance of choosing the right topic. After that, we will explore the topics for middle school argumentative essays.
Speeds Up The Process

This heading can be misleading if you ask a professor. It is because choosing the perfect topic not only speeds up the process, there is no process without choosing the topic first. Students need to explore different issues before settling down on one and then explore it further to ensure everything stays on track. Outlining comes hand in hand with choosing the topic and research. In a nutshell, you will have a much better shot at starting the process when you have a topic.

Ensures Maximum Scores

The purpose of writing argumentative essays in schools and colleges is to gauge the writing and researching capabilities of the students. Teachers award marks and grades based on the outputs of the essays. Since students are always looking for higher scores and better grades to improve their odds for honors, this step in writing essays is a game changer. In addition to better grades, students can impress their instructors and peers with exceptional quality.

Imparts Better Learning

The ultimate benefit of choosing the right topic is to get a chance of investigating and learning something more deeply. Since argumentative essays require a lot of research and in-depth analysis to ensure only the right information ends up on the paper. That’s why students who invest their time in learning the art and craft of essay writing end up with better grades, leading to better college and professional opportunities. It all started with selecting the right topics to write on.

Excellent Argumentative Essay Topics For Middle School Students

This is the heart and soul of this blog. We have divided the section further into headings with different areas of focus. This will help students pick the topics that they are most interested in or want to explore deeper to learn more for securing maximum marks.

No matter what their intentions are, they can choose the argumentative essay topic from the list. Also, they can modify it to add focus and relevant depth to it.

Argument Essay Topics about School

School is where all the learning and teaching take place. Students always find a connection with schools, especially middle and high schools where they meet people and forge relationships at a very impressionable age. Writing argumentative essays about school and its policies is a great way to take a look at things critically and provide insights. 

  • Why is allowing cell phones in schools a bad idea?
  • Why should bullies be punished in schools?
  • The real value and application of diversity in schools
  • Giving homework to students on weekends should be banned
  • Governments dictating school lunch is a bad idea
  • Should cigarettes be banned in public spaces?
  • Why is gym class compulsory in schools?
  • Should schools have uniforms or not?
  • Is online school equal to in-person school?
  • Doing art and crafts in schools?
  • What is the ideal number of students in class?
  • Setting school allowances for kids in middle schools
  • The use of social media apps in schools should be discouraged

Argument Essay Topics about the Environment

Everything living or non-living constitutes the environment around us. For our existence on this planet, the environment must be our friend. But in recent times, the environment has been badly hit by issues that are affecting it detrimentally. In turn, the prospects of life on earth are getting bleak. Argumentative essays on the environment can contest theories and policies and put forward ideas and solutions to save ourselves from inevitable doom.

  • Is the environment saving us or the other way around?
  • What is the role of polar ice caps in the health of the environment?
  • Can we live with high emissions volume of greenhouse gases?
  • What is the global stance on environmental deterioration?
  • Can we save the environment by remaining docile to its deteriorating health?
  • Taking on big industries for environmental crimes
  • Why sustainability is the best option for our survival.
  • The role of media in providing awareness to the masses of the environment
  • How social media is imparting awareness regarding environmental issues
  • Drastic measures to improve the environment quickly
  • Will the changing environment change human physiology?
  • Can we survive in a hyper-futuristic environment with nothing natural?
  • Humans are the biggest threat to the environment
  • Does a failing environment mean failing progeny?

Argument Essay Topics about Animals

Animals have been living with us since time immemorial. Many have become more than pets, but family members while others have helped us in our work. Today, animals constitute diverse roles in our societies, from bomb-sniffing dogs to lab rats. Through argumentative essays, we can dig deeper and uncover issues and challenges that both the animals and their associates are facing.

  • Allowing pets in middle school classrooms
  • Should GMOs become a standard practice in farming?
  • Lab rats have rights
  • Advancing animal cruelty in cities
  • Poaching should be banned
  • Animal health is not a child’s play
  • Is there a way that animal testing can be justified?
  • What do you think of the extent of animal rights?
  • The humane treatment of cats and dogs
  • The legal status of bullfighting outside Spain
  • The importance of protecting endangered animals
  • The captivity of exotic animals in flats and condos
  • The respect and care of animals in urban areas

Argumentative Essay Topics Around Political Issues

There is no way to get away from politics and society, no matter how much hermit one can be. They are always around us and determine everything our lives will face and endure. Writing argumentative essays on political and social issues is another way to investigate structures and find flaws in them.

  • The implications of COVID-19 and other pandemics in the modern world
  • The social movements concerning racial and cultural tensions
  • Green energy is a controversial issue everywhere
  • The militarization of Afghanistan by the US
  • The challenges and benefits of remote education
  • The environmental challenges at the arctic poles
  • Travel restrictions and the future of travel and hospitality
  • Risks of global unemployment due to pandemics
  • The rising political polarization in the US
  • The time does not end for convicts
  • How are we dealing with global poverty?
  • The bane of discrimination across economic and cultural lines

Structure of An Argumentative Essay

After choosing the right topic, it is necessary to understand the structure and format of an argumentative essay. An argumentative essay covers the arguments regarding a topic. It carries the stance of the writer followed by a string of evidential information to support the position. There are many types of argumentative essays including persuasive essays, analytical papers, research papers, and so on, but they all have one common thing – structure!

Introduction/ Opening

This is where the action begins. It starts with a hook to grab readers’ attention. A hook can be a question, a statement, or even a fact that can connect the context or background of the essay with its main premise. In the closing lines of the introduction, writers should put down the thesis to clear their stance and bridge the introductory section with the main body of the argumentative essay.

Main Body

This is the meat and bones of the argumentative essay when it comes to the contents and the bulk of the essay. It has all the arguments and supporting evidence mentioned clearly and concisely. Usually, writers allocate each paragraph for a single argument and its proofs from references and citations. Even though it has much space for words, it is best to keep things bold and brief.

Conclusion/ Closing

Another important part of an argumentative essay is the conclusion reiterates the main ideas and postulates from the body in compact sentences. This helps readers to get takeaways from the essay without breaking a sweat. Many students make the mistake of winging this section without due effort. This results in a poor conclusion with nothing to show in the closing. This section must have force and vigor for the whole essay.


There are certain things that you must keep in mind while choosing the best argumentative essay topic in middle school:

  • The depth and scope of the essay
  • Current trends
  • Personal interests
  • Application of the topic

Since students in 8th grade do not have enough knowledge and experience of the topics, it is best to keep things at the surface as much as possible. Even this level allows a better understanding and application of the topic.

There are three major types of argumentative essays based on their contents and scope of focus:

  • Persuasive essays
  • Analysis essays
  • Research papers

The process of choosing the best argumentative essay may seem daunting at first, but you can cover the bases by understanding the following things:

  • What is the purpose of writing the essay?
  • How are you approaching the problem?
  • What is the application of ideas discussed in your essay?

Some issues are better to write on than others because of their intended scope and reach for scholars. For instance, a personal tragedy can be heartbreaking for many, but it will not yield much value for others. On the other hand, a world war with many individual tragedies combined and political unrest provides better fodder for the essay.

The hallmarks of argumentative essays are as follows:

  • The objectivity of approach and content
  • Unbiased voice and tone
  • Empirical evidence for arguments
  • The organized flow of information

Writing Better Argumentative Essays

The strive for writing and editing better continues. Students need to cover a lot of ground before being able to write on topics as varied as they can. In middle school, the stage is formative and it requires much learning and research before even selecting a suitable topic. This blog has covered topics ranging from sports to politics, and more. We hope that students will find them enough to pick one for their argumentative essay in middle school.

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