200 Top Narrative Essay Topics and Ideas

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200 Top Narrative Essay Topics and Ideas

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Narrative Essay 101

Out of all the essay types, narrative essay writing is one of the most common and misunderstood types of writing in schools and colleges. It consists of five paragraphs with three distinct sections, opening, body, and closing or conclusion.

Instructors check students’ writing and thinking capabilities by providing diverse essay writing topics to them. In case they are not offered one, they need to work on one and come up with ideas for a narrative story.       

Choosing The Best Topic For Your Essay

If you have never written a narrative essay, it could be a hassle to come up with narrative story ideas. But, it is not that hard if you know what you need to find and hone it to your best interest. 

Something That Resonates With Readers

The primary purpose of writing a narrative is to connect with readers. Writers need to weave a narrative that readers can understand and identify with and then draw conclusions from the body.

If a narrative essay does not do that, it is lacking in important areas. 

Influential Life Stories & Experiences

Personal narrative essays are dependent on personal experiences and incidents that can influence a person’s thinking or the course of life. For the sake of composing a topic or title, they need to go down memory lane and fetch stories and ideas to write on. 

Narrative Essay Topics To Choose From

Now, let us take a look at some of the best topics for narratives to choose from:

  1. The unforgettable mentor in your life
  2. A dangerous experience that made you value life
  3. A hilarious situation happened to you in public
  4. A moving incident from your childhood 
  5. The first time you visited a country abroad
  6. The unforgettable day at high school
  7. The time you lost a dear friend to the disease
  8. Journey of learning a new art or skill
  9. An embarrassing story involving you and your best friend
  10. Participating in sports for the first time
  11. Your thoughts on attending a music concert for the first time
  12. The time you helped a person in dire need
  13. When you discovered a family secret
  14. When you lost the most loving member of your family
  15. Changes happened to you after taking an inspirational class
  16. The moment you felt alone in a crowd
  17. The time you got lost and there was no hope
  18. The incident of saving someone in the wilderness
  19. The time you cooked a meal using scrapes
  20. Your favorite vacations with loved ones abroad
  21. An unforgettable trip to tropical islands
  22. Making friends in the unlikeliest times
  23. Your first day at a new school and meeting someone new
  24. The scariest thing you faced in life
  25. The time Christmas was absolute fun
  26. Your most memorable birthday party
  27. When you learned a life lesson the hard way
  28. Getting a blessing in disguise
  29. The best day of your entire life
  30. The day a tragedy found you
  31. Getting your first pet
  32. Meeting your best friend
  33. Losing a dear one
  34. The day you helped a stranger and became friends
  35. Talk about responding to a natural disaster
  36. Visiting dean’s office after a mischief
  37. Going to the summer camp with friends
  38. When you rode a bicycle in the dirt for the first time
  39. The most depressing moments of your life
  40. Getting into a serious argument with a loved one
  41. The day you were treated unfairly
  42. The day you went for a ski for the first time
  43. Helping a stranger in a new city
  44. The time you faced racial discrimination
  45. When you misjudged a person and felt ashamed
  46. The most memorable day playing at the beach
  47. The most unforgettable present you ever received
  48. The day you got injured severely
  49. The beginning of a long relationship
  50. Parting ways with a loved one
  51. Driving a car for the first time
  52. The first time you experienced flying
  53. Meeting a stranger in a subway
  54. The incident that made an ordinary trip extraordinarily
  55. Getting punished for an offense you didn’t commit
  56. The time you discovered a truth about someone
  57. The day you almost drowned at the beach
  58. Learning a life lesson from an elder
  59. Seeing a car accident and helping the injured
  60. The favorite hiking episode of your life 

Exceptional Narrative Ideas & Topics

In this section, we will go through some of the best narrative essay ideas and topics that you can explore in your narrative essays.

60+ Excellent Topics For Your Narrative Essay

If the above-mentioned suggestions were not enough for you, there is no need to panic as we have 60+ more essay topic ideas for you to choose from.

  1. Experiencing unique family traditions as an adult
  2. How do you celebrate your cultural holiday
  3. How a family tradition surprised you
  4. How knowing diverse cultures shaped your thinking
  5. Feeling embarrassed among other cultures on holiday
  6. Changing cultural traditions to grow
  7. How social media changed your cultural perceptions
  8. Why food is not just something you eat
  9. How a culture changes a person\’s thinking
  10. Defining your cultural identity from early childhood
  11. The time you disagreed with a loved one
  12. The conflict that almost cost you your friendship
  13. When you had to deal with bullying aggressively
  14. Experiencing a loss through suicide
  15. The graduation day at high school
  16. The day a classmate got caught cheating
  17. Living through a near-death experience due to medical negligence
  18. Meeting a car accident on New Year  
  19. The day you endured humiliation 
  20. The most memorable act of charity
  21. Saving your friends from a loss
  22. Witnessing a beating in the school\’s yard
  23. A dilemma you faced and made the right decision
  24. The most influential person in your life you hate
  25. The time a friend flooded your home
  26. When you want the time to stop
  27. Failing an easy class for the first time   
  28. The scariest moment in class
  29. The time you got sick because of food poisoning
  30. When you saved a friend’s life
  31. The time you went into a creepy house
  32. Winning a prize without the effort
  33. The first job you loved and hated at the same time
  34. Getting a flat tire on the highway at night
  35. The things I want to do in my spare time
  36. Visiting the ER for the first time
  37. The day you encountered the police
  38. When parties didn’t need alcohol to be fun
  39. The first time you endured physical and emotional pain
  40. The superhero in your life
  41. The childhood dream you still remember and want to live
  42. Living through dull high school before everything changed
  43. When you saw someone getting humiliated in public
  44. Finding time for hobbies in high school
  45. The experience of growing up with a high school best friend
  46. The greatest academic achievement of your life
  47. The school friend you lost touch with
  48. The conversation that changed your life for good
  49. When you learned a lot by working with a person you despised
  50. The good influence your father had on your thinking
  51. The time you moved to a new city and made a friend on the first day
  52. Doing something illegal for all the right reasons
  53. The dichotomy of morals in theory and practice
  54. The day you did a thing that is against your morality
  55. Spending time with a homeless person on Christmas
  56. The time you favored hobbies over responsibilities
  57. How you developed your talents
  58. The idea of turning your hobbies into something lucrative
  59. When your hobbies managed to get you a job
  60. Balancing hobbies and studies in high school
  61. The most inspirational movie you have ever seen
  62. Getting addicted to a novel or a movie
  63. Growing from the mistakes to becoming great
  64. The day you were moved from the most insignificant thing
  65. When becoming only good for something did not cut it
  66. The day it was almost impossible to pass the college exam
  67. What is the real meaning of attending college and making good
  68. What would you do if you had your reality show?
  69. If you could travel back in time, what would you change?
  70. Choosing a superpower and why that one 

Common Types of Topics

There are recurring themes and settings in ideas for writing a narrative. These include recalling memorable incidents, and experiences, such as losing or meeting someone, visiting a place, getting in trouble, etc.   

The Ideal Length of Topics

Usually, all school and college personal narrative essay ideas follow the same pattern and fall into the five-paragraph format. This means, that one is for the introduction, three for the body, and one for the conclusion. 

In terms of word count, the essays are around 1000 words to 1500 words.

Narrative Essay Topics For School & College Students

If you are thinking the lists for narrative essay topics will not stop coming, you are right. So, here are more than 40 best narrative essay topics.

  1. If you were a movie director with no budget constraints
  2. Topping your most successful album as a musician
  3. A memorable day at the museum
  4. The first road trip of your life
  5. Visiting Europe for the first time
  6. Tasting exotic cuisine in a new city
  7. Enjoying live music of your favorite band
  8. What would you change about your favorite movie?
  9. How would you rewrite your favorite TV serial?   
  10. Finding similarities between your favorite DC and Marvel characters
  11. Developing your dream game
  12. Making music to cheer up sad people
  13. Reasons people rely on you in times of distress
  14. Why you are the life of the party
  15. Why the lies that save lives are not bad
  16. Your dream sports team
  17. Mentoring cooking to young people
  18. Buying the first car of your life
  19. The worst day of your academic life
  20. When you dance at a part even though you don’t know
  21. How to relieve stress during public speaking
  22. Your ultimate guide to watching movies and reading books
  23. Weird things you have done while waiting in line
  24. If you had a billion dollars for a week
  25. Realizing dreams through sheer luck or hard work
  26. A bad romantic relationship that still haunts you
  27. Almost dying while attempting to do something stupid
  28. Balancing social and personal life in high school
  29. The unforgettable digital life experience
  30. The day science rescued you from a dangerous situation
  31. Starring in your favorite movie as a protagonist
  32. The day a random person on a street became a friend
  33. When you decided that partying was a problem
  34. Your first experience with smoking and how you felt afterward
  35. Patience while waiting for someone
  36. Mastering self-control when you cannot have your say
  37. Your leadership experience and how it turned out
  38. What was your life be like if you had lost your parents earlier in life
  39. Compounding the demon during competitions
  40. Taking more risks in a group
  41. Personal superstitions and how you can save yourself
  42. All the pranks you have pulled on your friends
  43. Discuss all the false things that people assume about you
  44. Being a daredevil in a small community
  45. Discuss people who are always disrespectful toward women
  46. Do women face pressure to have ideal bodies?
  47. Gender roles in your family/ culture
  48. The first time you encountered adult content online
  49. How to teach sex education at schools
  50. How do you do sex education and gender studies at schools?
  51. Expectations for boys and girls in conservative households
  52. Sexuality and modern movies
  53. How sexuality is revolutionizing modern TV
  54. Any gender bias experience at school or college
  55. Rehearsing for a drama in school with your crush
  56. The time you lost a sports match against arch-rivals
  57. Topping a class in college without studying at all
  58. The craziest thing happened during live sports
  59. Your favorite course of studies becoming bland
  60. The most memorable day on campus
  61. Seeing an old friend after many years
  62. When you were coerced by your family to make a poor decision
  63. Growing up in a city after being born in the countryside
  64. Your first promotion at a part-time job
  65. The festival you still miss
  66. The most spectacular thing about college
  67. The time you got sea-sick
  68. A defining moment in your relationship with your parents
  69. The best thing about rom-coms
  70. How do you fix a broken relationship with a friend


It is hard to pinpoint only three good topics for narrative essays. But if you turn topics into ideas, then these three suggestions can work in countless ways:

  • Meeting someone special for the first time
  • Visiting a familiar place but under special circumstances
  • Losing a loved one and then getting back

There are many examples that you can read and learn from for narrative essays. Ann Lamott, Joan Didion, and many other authors have penned exceptional essays.

A good narrative has strong plot lines, believable characters, a relatable setting, and a piercing theme that lets readers yearn for more.

These are the five most common types of essays:

  • Expository
  • Argumentative
  • Persuasive
  • Descriptive
  • Narrative

Depending on their level of studies and experience in writing narratives, the best topic for narrative writing is the new experiences of meeting someone or doing a novel thing for the first time. 

These days, topics for narrative writing are about the effects of the internet and social media as well as environmental crisis are some of the most common essay topics. 


Writing a narrative essay can be a tough task for school and college students. This blog post has listed some of the good narrative essay topics to base your narrative. You can base your story on these topics or you can experiment and come up with unique ideas.      

In the end, it is about weaving a relatable narrative to make sure that your story connects with the readers and they can draw parallels from it.

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