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After a student has taken the test, asked for recommendations and accomplished the application tasks, it is time to concentrate on the essay. While the majority of students spend a lot of time composing their perfect essay, the admissions officers will only give 3 to 5 minutes of their time reading the essay. It is the high school seniors that are given the tedious task of writing about what happened in the 17 years of their life in 600 words. In addition to this, their written piece must definitely stand out for them to be noticed and accepted in the school.

The easiest way to start is to think of a good story and people are naturally skilled in this. The student has to think about how to make someone laugh because of the story they have because the ability to do that will ensure that a connection is formed with the reader. If the essay is captivating, compelling and interesting, there is a chance that the message is being conveyed properly. There is always a reason behind why a story is being told and from this, they will know how to build characters that will make the audience imagine. A take away message will do this trick or when to stop telling it. If the admissions committee is able to have this kind of connection with the student, then there is an edge.

Remember that colleges will consider someone who will make it to graduation day, succeed in the world, and the university will be recognized as part of it. In the essay, it is crucial that the student presents one`s self as a person who is enthusiastic about learning, a critical thinker, and passionate about anything. Colleges require a student to demonstrate his or her intellectual ability and inquisitiveness. They are looking for kids who will act right away, excel in class and take on the world. The student has to have grit and self-awareness.

Another factor needed in this is to show one`s personality because this will be different from all of the other application requirements. Those only have grades and scores in the test, a college essay lets the person truly show their uniqueness and individuality. This is when the student should use their own voice and stories to show why the school will consider them an asset. Avoid making the mistake of cleaning out some facts and opinions that will have the risk of offending the admissions officer or committee. However, it is required that proper spelling and grammar is used because a college essay calls for a lot of metaphors, witty statements and humor.

One of the biggest mistakes that students to commit is pretending to be someone they are not. Even if colleges do not prefer disadvantaged applicants, lying about the past will not help at all. The essay is not solely about the topic alone and more on how it is being constructed and what needs to be said about it. The excellent essays have the most substantial things to say regardless if it is about a crisis or something else.

The essay will become a window on how a student's mind works, the way the world is viewed and gives perspective. The main thing is to only write about things that are truthful and interesting.