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Writing essays can be very difficult, especially now that more and more people are saying that they are finding education to be too busy for them. It’s not just the writing that’s the problem – it’s the research, the structure and formatting, and everything else which goes into an essay that really takes up time.

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Common Difficulties with Writing Essays

It’s easy to see why people say to others (including essay services) “do my assignment!” Writing such a paper is hard for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the actual writing. There are so many different types of essays to choose from, and there is a need to pick exactly the right one for the job. Once that is done, a proper amount of research needs to be done, and the subject picked needs to be one which is both general enough to allow for the proper amount of research, and specific enough that the essay is unique. Once that has been sorted, the actual writing needs to take place, and the student needs to remember the particulars of the formatting style that their essay needs – MLA formatting is different from APA formatting, which is different again from Turabian formatting (it can use either footnotes or in-text citations). The writing process is a lot more complicated than many people suppose.

Why Choose

Native writers. We use native English speakers as our writers, for two separate reasons: one is that we want everybody to receive the same quality in a paper, and that quality is much easier to create with a native speaker; another is that by using native speakers, we can offer valuable services to people who do not have English as a native language, and are experiencing difficulties because of this.

High quality. We insist on only the highest-quality papers being written for our clients, resulting in the best possible grades for them in their classes and work in general.

Use of credible sources. The client has discretion as to what sources are used, of course, but in the absence of any guidance, our writers use credible and peer-reviewed sources which will withstand scrutiny from the people who are reviewing and marking the essay.

Experience. All of our writers have to have experience in both academia (most have more than one degree) and professional writing circles. Our own site offers writers who have more than five years of experience in professional writing.

Deadlines. Our writers always meet the deadlines which they have been given, for every paper they have. This extends to very short deadlines, including one and three hour deadlines.

Plagiarism free. Our papers are guaranteed to be plagiarism-free, and both the writer and other staff check for this. If plagiarism is still found, then the site will refund the money for the essay completely.

Low prices. The prices on the site are extremely competitive, being forty to fifty percent cheaper than the nearest sites in the same industry. This allows us to bring high-quality writing to a wider audience, because more people can afford our services.

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What We Offer

  • Writing – our main offering, we write many different kinds of paper, including essays, dissertations, outlines, and research papers of various kinds. We write for various lengths of a paper and formatting style, and can handle a variety of different types of paper beyond the usual writing style.
  • Rewriting – if you have an essay already written, but it needs to be rewritten or rephrased in some way, then we can handle that. Simply hand in the essay with instructions on how it is to be rewritten, and we will work on it.
  • Editing – similarly, if the essay or paper needs editing, we can do that too. Instructions on proper formatting for the paper are needed, and then we can do the work.
  • Consulting – not every client is completely sure what essay they need, so our staff are ready to consult on whether or not a paper is appropriate or needed, or whether or not it can be done within the time and budget which the client has.
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