Environmental Ethics Essay Sample

August 17, 2017 support
environmental ethics essay

Environmental Ethics Essay

Our environment is one of the most important structures of the physical world that need to be valued and respected. This is because it provides essential elements to offer life. The Earth’s atmosphere is one of the most important structures that Mother Nature created because it offers a place for every organism to thrive.

Human Beings need an atmosphere so that they can live in a certain period of time. We thrive by scouting natural resources that sustain our survival such as food. Our environment offers us shelter from any environmental hazards such as natural calamities that often strikes anywhere around the world on a regular basis. However, our environment is at risk for being abused by the humanity due to manmade hazards.
Environmental ethics is associated with the existing law that mandates the society to respect our natural environment and preserve the society. The goal of promoting environmental ethics is to decrease the number of environmental violations that risks our surroundings from being damaged. Environmental laws and policies ensure that our environment is protected from any man-made hazards that attempt to destroy our physical environment.

As a result, any violators are apprehended by the local and national government units with the cooperation of the law enforcement agencies. The reason behind is that violators are responsible for destroying our natural environment through pollution. Apprehensions can imprison perpetrators of environmental ethics violations because they are considered threats to the society. This is because there is a growing problem with regards to the competition between nature and a man-made settlement that are changing our physical environment that is observed on a rapid scale.

Pollution is the main cause of environmental hazards that disrespects the essence of environmental ethics. Major companies such as mining firms usually dump toxic waste to water ways and sewerage systems that contaminate rivers, streams, and oceans. Land pollution is commonly caused by humans who dump their waste anywhere, which clogs the canals. As a result, clogged canals are the most common scenario that increases risks of flooding in an area that are filled with numerous waste materials.

When waste materials will flow through the rivers and reach open seas, it creates a risk to marine ecosystems, which kills fishes and other marine creatures. Vehicles that are fueled by petroleum products are one of the main causes of air pollution. Vehicles need gasoline or diesel in order to generate energy. However, the smoke emits reaches the atmosphere and saturating carbon particles that block the sun’s rays.
Global warming is the result of violating environmental ethics such as pollution. This is a condition wherein it saturates carbon particles into the atmosphere. The heat cannot escape from the Earth’s atmosphere towards space because it is blocked by the carbon particles that generated a thin layer above the sky. Gradual increasing of temperature causes the sea levels to rise, causing stronger natural calamities such as intense tropical cyclones.

Violating environmental ethics serves as a lesson to the population because it results in a catastrophic impact on our environment. One example is low lying islands across the world that are slowly swallowed by the rising seas. This is a consequence that is non-stoppable because the sea level continues to rise each year that threatens low lying areas around the world to sink in the future (Sutter & Berlinger, 2015).


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